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Original post made by Eddie Humada(EJH7647) on September 27, 2003

Here is a rod holder that I built for bank use. It is a little time consuming to build but if you enjoy tinkering around with raw steel and a welding machine as I do it is a fun project. fist gather some 1/2" rebar, about 4 feet will be plenty, a 2' piece of 1/2" light wall pipe, and last a 1' long piece of 1/6" X 4 angle iron. Now you’re ready to start putting it together. First cut the rebar into two equal lengths, then place one end in a vice and use a cutting torch to heat and bend the rebar to a 45' angle then again a few inches down. This is so the rebar can be welded to the 1/2" pipe close to the center about 3" apart then open up to about 6" at the bottom. Once welded cut the rebar to the length you want then use a piece that you cut off and weld it across the bottom at the widest point far enough down so that use can place your foot on it to shove it in to the ground. The next step is to cut the 4" angle iron in half and trim one side of it down to 1 1/2" so that you have a 4 X 1 1/2" piece then drill out a 9/16" hole in the 1 1/2" side near one end. Once this is done use a 1/2" or 9/16 tap depending on the wall thickness of your 1/2" pipe and tap out 2" or so on each side of the pipe, Be sure to use plenty of cutting oil or you may ruin your tap. Then depending on what size tap you used find a bolt with the same thread count and using some lock washers place the bolt through the hole in the angle iron then tread it into the 1/2" pipe so that it can be locked into place yet adjustable if your bank soundings require it. And last simply drill out the 4" angle iron to fit a u-bolt to tie down your PVC pipe. A little primer you’re ready to kick back and have a few beers.
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