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  1. brisue

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    Im looking for any information on making bank poles. Any help would be appreciated. Have made one but want to see if im in the right ball park.
  2. primitive

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    Dav. Ia.
    Made some up several years ago out of the bigger size rerod that they put in concrete for reinforcement. The smaller size would just bend. We cut the bigger size rerod in ten foot lengths, and tied on a two foot bungey cord. then about a six to eight foot piece of eighty pound test trot line cord and the biggest hook we could find. You can push these rods three to four feet into the bank at a 45% angle and bait with a big bluegill. The next morning the rod was pulled down just under the water with a very lively 37 pound flat head on. The rerod had a small bend in it even with the bungy cord on the line. This is a good way to make bank poles cause the other guy caught bigger flats than mine on them and they worked good. primitive

  3. blackhorse83

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    My brother uses 10' fiberglass poles, I think the cost is around $6.00 each and then attaches line and bait. The work great for him, he fishes the islands on the Mississippi river.
  4. AwShucks

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    1/2" to 3/4" pvc pipe. Cheap, lightweight, strong and flexible. Fix as pretty as you want. Put a cap on the end so they won't get full of mud, cap with eye bolt on other end to tie the cord to. Easy to see at night - also easy for poachers to run. LOL
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    i was thinking of making a few my self...Do ya think any of ya could post a picture of one of your finished products so i could get the right idea?

  6. greasemonkey07

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    I've heard that you can just use young trees that are still green and alive. When you cut them out of the ground try to bend them and make sure they are not dry-rotted. Then shove them into the muddy bank at about a forty five degree angle and bait with live bluegill. When you make your run at midnight or in the morning, when you see the pole bobbing in the water you know that you have a fish on. You ain't done their though. Make sure that you have an experienced person running the dip net. If somebody running the dip net misses a fish, we make them swim back to camp.
  7. primitivefrn

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    collins mo
    Young green poles as stated work, Ive caught a lot on them, on lakes its hard
    to , fish poles from a flat bank, poles can be fasten to dead trees, and made to work, Ive used PVC pipe, also, put a cap on one end, ive also put a short section of re bar, in the end going in to bank, put pole at about 45 degree angle so cat cat get straight pull, 3/4 PVC is what Ive used, 1/2 might work but real limber, hope this helps