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    Hey there everyone, I am new to the club and to the sport of catfishing. Always been a fisherman but nothin with cats. First time I cought a cat I new I loved it. Then when I seen this site I just had to join and can't stop thinking about catfishing. Need some advice tho. I do not as of now have a boat so all of my fishing is from the bank. Any hot spots and or tips would be great. Me and my step son do alot of fishing at murphy and kinkaid being I live in murphysboro but I would love to venture up to rend lake. I drive by it alot for my job. I work for a Fire and Flood company call Professional Cleaning Services. We do Cleaning, Demo and reconstruction of Fire damaged or Flood damaged or wind etc. I am the project manager over here and well enough about that, need some tips. Might even trade for some work around your house lol.