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  1. Klag

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    Any places in northern Georgia that have any decent bank fishing for some cats? I don't have a boat here in Georgia and I miss the big cats :) Lanier only seems to have the little ones, so wanted to check out a river or something.
  2. Jack Herber

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    Woodstock, GA
    Hey, Klag
    There are a couple of spots on the Coosa that are OK to bank fish. I can't give real good directions to these but if you get on the Georgia DNR website and locate the section on DNR maintained boat ramps, there is a ramp just west of Rome (I believe it's Old River Road off the 20) That has a real nice stretch of bank that is fishable. Also west of Rome on the 20 take a left at the junction of highway 100 (100 "Ts" into the 20) and you will immediatly cross a bridge. Just past the bridge is a dirt drive that takes you back to the river and you are basically fishing under the bridge you just crossed over. Just because it's the Coosa, both these spots have some real potential for big fish. There is also supposed to a place in the town of Rome where you have access to the river but I haven't found it. Anyway, a trip out to Rome might be worth your while. Good luck.