Bank Fishing with 80lb Braided Line and 50lb Mono Leaders

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by catfish-for-life, Sep 4, 2006.

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    I fish from the bank with both spinning reels and baitcast reels with surf rods. I will be fishing below dams where alot of riprap is present for big cats. I have currently been using 50lb test spiderwire exclusively, however I have broke several lines very easilly when I was snagged. I have decided I need to use heavy mono leaders for their abrasion resistance factor. I need to be able to cats long distances, therefore I have found using Berkley Big Game 50lb test to be too heavy for long casting. I have decided to use an 80lb test braided line with a 50 lb test mono leader. By the way, I make all my leaders myself. I have been looking at trying some PowerPro. Anybody compared this to spiderwire? How do you guys feel about this idea? Thanks Guys.......
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    Similar to you I use 16' poles with abu 7000's when fishing tailraces. But it is a matter of personal preference that I will not use over a 20 lb test line. I check my line quite often for abrasions and replace the line that has wear. I just don't want to hang a bunch of line out there on the rocks that may snag someone else's line or inadvertantly snag a fish. When my 20 lb breaks, it is usually at the hook or at the sinker. No long trails of line to wash down the river. I may loose some big fish this way, but my ego can stand the loss. LOL

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    I regularly bankfish tailraces, and use a couple of 12' Okuma Solaris Surf rods with Okuma Coronado CD-90 reels. Each one is spooled with 300 yards of 65lb PowerPro (backed with 50lb Cajun Red Lightning that I won't see until I change out the line). Tied to the PowerPro is a three-way swivel with a short 15lb mono leader for my sinker line and approximately 2-3' of 50lb Cajun Red Lightning and a snelled Gamakatsu 6/0 or 7/0 Octopus Circle hook. Two out of three times that I hang up, I get my rig back minus my sinker. When I do lose the entire rig, it breaks off near the swivel about 90% of the time.

    As for PowerPro vs. Spiderwire, IMHO, there's no comparison - PowerPro wins hands down. For some reason, Spiderwire seems to have a much shorter lifespan in the conditions I fish, whereas I can get a few seasons out of my PowerPro. Hope this helps!
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    Easy winner: power-pro. Just be sure to check it every time you reel in. If there are abrasions, cut them off and re-tie. For abrasion resistance, use flourocarbon. Berkley Vanish is my #1 leader line. Also, with power-pro you don't need the 50# line. 25# will do the job, with 40# flouro. leader.
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    here's what i do i use 65lb powerpro with an 80lb shockleader. a shockleader is a length of mono to protect the rod and rig because powerpro has no stretch. to tie, tie an overhand knot in the mono,pass the pp through the knot and tie a 12 wrap uni knot,cinnch up the uni then cinch up the overhand and pull them together and trim close. reel this knot onto your reel and get 5 turns around the spool and clip the mono at the reel. this gives a leader to use all day and very few breakoffs and broken rods. try it and let me know what you think.

    not to blow smoke but i can put a bait out to 200 yds on any give day and 220+ on a good day(with the right rig thats another post)
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    Hello Everyone,

    I personally use 30lb berkley fireline spooled on an abu garcia 6500 and a 7 1/2 foot medium to heavy action shakespear ugly stick. But I believe that the lb test of your line doesn't matter to a certian point. About a month ago I was bank fishing on the Mississippi River hear in Mn where I live and I was fishing for channels with a 6 ft guide series rod and a smaller phluger spinning reel spooled with 10lb test stren and a small #2 octopus circle hook baited with about a 3 to 4 inch live shinner. I was just about to head home for the day, it was about 6 in the afternoon and I realized that my line had gone slack so I picked the rod up but didn't feel a thing but set the hook anyway. Well to make a long story short there was a fish and I managed to land it, the fish was a 45lb 53inch flathead. This just goes to show that you can catch big fish on light tackle. I hope to soon upload the photo to show you all.

    Take Care Everyone!

    Sincerly, Kevin
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    I been using 50# Spiderwire"Stealth" with 50# mono leaders, etc. Never have I broke the Spiderwire in 4 years now and this is fishing "Snag City". Now sinkers and hooks I have lost more than you would believe!!!!!!!!

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    i have a 80lb test line that i use on a rhino open face reel and i use a 50 lb test on a bait cast reel and it works just fine for me the eight pound test is hard to break when i get snagged but i love the line