Bank fishing the Ohio River

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    Paintsville, Kentucky
    Could anyone give me some advise as to where some good spots along the Ohio river are in the area of Boyd-Greenup Co. to fish for flatheads. A long time ago I went to this place, can't exactly remember where it was but I believe would be a great place for flatheads. Right before you get to Raceland Highschool there is a gas station, i believe its a shell mart, you turn up there, go over some railroad tracks and it brings you to a body of water just off the main channel. its was still water and lots of timber, at the time i didn't know shit about fishing and i thought you had to be in the main channel to catch anything so i didn't fish it. has anyone ever heard of this place or know of any others that are good to flathead fish.

    thanks for any help!
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    right under the I-75 bridges I caught some 5 thru 12lb fish and 2 nice bluegill and a few 2lb bass and had a 35+ up to bank and my line snapped I only brung my shakespear ultra lite with 8lb spiderwire

    p.s. I used baby blue gill I caught to catch my catfish

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    It sounds like the mouth of the Little Sandy River. I have never fished it though.