bank fishing the James river

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  1. catterman

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    What is the best way to fish the James for blues from the bank. It seems like a geussing game that takes hit and miss trial and error for years to work out a paddern, correct. No?
  2. ramon06

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    It doesnt take years, just scope the bank before you fish, look for cover, deep water, talk to a few people on the bank and see what they are catching and size. See what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Implement what you've learned over the years and try different spots until you find the deep holes and drop offs from shallow to deep water. Im not the best but I figured out my particular strip in 2-3 months just fishing Sat-Sun. Most important you need patience and time. You will have days that you catch nothing and you will have days that you fish the best in your life. Take a buddy :wink: