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    Ever look for catfishing spots off the banks of your favorite river or lake? Do you see the trash left behind from others that have fished there? What you dont know is if that fishing spot has been fished out or not. Here is what I have found to put the odds in my favor.

    First, countless times I have found empty blue plastic containers that once held a dozen or two nightcrawlers or an empty container of chicken liver. These are the choices of the less experienced novice catfish anglers. This tells me that the fishing spot might not have been fished with big catfish baits such as we know live bluegills, creek chubs, or fresh cut baits. Another annoying thing that I have found is broke off fishing line strung all over the bank. Check it out, about 90% of the line I have found is usually between 6lb to 12lb test. This tells me if a big catfish was hooked off that spot , it is more likely still out there after snapping the small line. I have also found a lot of empty hook packages laying around, but never found one that once had hooks in it larger than 4/0. I never use anything less than 6/0 myself.
    Old used up batteries lying on the ground probably means they came out of a flashlight,(fishing at night) or an aerator,(fishing with live baitfish of some sort).Some things I dont mind finding like a log laying across 2 stacks of rocks to prop up your poles or a couple of forked sticks stuck in the ground. This will tell me if they were using more than one pole or if there was more than one person fishing there at that time. An abondoned campfire tells me that they usually fish there at night and went through the trouble to build one means that they are probably gonna be there most of the night. If I find a skeleton that appears to be a gar that was caught and tossed back in the weeds, that speaks for itself ,( that fishing hole has gars in it) and I wont even bother unloading my gear. Sometimes you might find a small rope tied to a tree root or rock, might have been used as a stringer to tie off a large catfish or had a minnow bucket attached to it (live baitfish again). So take a look around and see what you find, who might even find a trash bag with mail or a empty prescription bottle from the drug store with that persons name on it. Give them a call and tell them to come and pick there trash up like I did once.
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