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  1. catman-j

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    Eastern Nebr
    So, how does everyone who bank fishes pick out a good spot or is it just a big crap shoot?
  2. catoon

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    first off i look for a place that easy second maybe some deep water third how many other folks are there.i am mostly a boat fisher but when i go bank fishing it is mostly to relaxe and take it easy.i dont go good hole hunting on the bank most of the times.but there are some bank fisherman who probally better than me in my boat .check with some of them they can help

  3. john catfish young

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    I bank fish 100% of the time and can tell you this much. When I'm after Flatheads....I fish at night and prefer water that is near structure and comes up on a shallow flat, or sandbar, or rocks and points, lots of cover such as logs.

    When I fish for Bluecats and Channelcats, I prefer deeper water, where I can hit the river channel. Usually near rocks or ledges. One of my favorite spots is at the base of a bluff with lots of fallen rock.
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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    I avoid spots with public access like the plague. I'm very fortunate to have access to several spots that can only be reached by crossing private drunks, no drugs, no trash, no shooting, etc. They're not the best spots on the lake, but I do okay there, and have a good experience that lowers my blood pressure, instead of raising it.
  5. JimmyJonny

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    For blues in lakes....

    I bank fish for cats 100% of the time , Striper fish off boats . What I do is look for the narrow creeks that are off the main lake . The reason is because I can cast 75% of the way across. This means the fish have to pass by me no matter what. I fish for blues and they travel a lot . I know the bait comes in these creeks and the blues will travel every night , almost like clock work. I also pick creeks that aren't to long and usually position myself within a 1/4 mile of the deeper water, the whole creek might be a mile or so long. When picking a area, like others , I watch the birds , bait , and try to find out if there are mussel beds close by . My bank spot has produced good all year round, I even got a 30# blue a few weeks ago in 4.5' of water with 20* air temps.... Most folks would never even try to fish such shallow water during winter but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I just have to know the daily feeding patters and I can do well.

    My biggest advice would be to not move around so much. Give places a shot trying different methods and ESPECIALLY the time you fish !!!! Like tonight...I aint even going till 3am ,that's a hour or two before I know the bite is on. If the bite slows down this week I will move my time up or down by 2 hours... I get em.

    Come daylight I bream fish for the next trip. The bait I had left from the night of fishing gets chopped and I chum the spot when I leave.

    I aint no pro but I do good...hope this helps someone.

  6. brinley45cal

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    I like to find structure to fish around,a good deep hole of water or swirling water,the mouths of feeder creeks places like that.
  7. RebelMan

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    I usually look for big eddies. if i cant see the river up close and dont feel like walking down , i just look for big bends. 9/10 around my area, you will find some nice slack water close to the main channel.
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    I can only talk about bank fishing rivers. I also bank fish 100% and fish in the Mississippi at the dam. For me the best place is right at the dam, but the fishing is tough because you will go through a lot of tackle due to constant snags and debris running with the fast current. Over the last couple of years I have found good spots to fish around the dam, when I want to fish in a more relaxed mode. Any spot I fish has to be a place I can catch bait, because usually if there is no bait, there are no fish.

    The river also changes all the time due to the locks at the dam being open or closed. You may go to a spot and get snagged every cast and go back in a few months and be fine, because the big tree laying under the water has been moved down river with the current.

    I guess there is a lot of trial and error, but I would have to say if you can catch bait on your sabiki rigs or with your cast net, you are probably in a spot worth trying.

    If you fish lakes only, I apologize for wasting your time. Good luck.
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    southwest ohio
    All I do is close my eyes and were ever I fall in at Thats were I don't fish!:0a20:
  10. centexcop

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    Good Advice
  11. Txbluecatman

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    This is why 95% of my fishing is done during the week. I have to deal with way to many drunks and idiots at my job to have to deal with them in my off time.
  12. mankind

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    ashland ky
    yes you have to be carful where you fish when i was growing up you could fish anywhere and if someone came upon you he just sat down and started to talk or baited one up himself now is very different they are a lot of thugs out their anyway good fishing :embarassed:
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    I mostly fish from a boat now but did bank fish alot. Being confined to the bank has its downfalls for sure but you don't have to put much gas in the boat or haul the boat around. After a few years of fishing from a boat and knowing what I know now I'd bank fish a little different. If river fishing, the first thing is that the banks on the sides of the river will be a good indication of how the bottom of the river is. For example if the river runs between two long flats then the river bottom is more than likely flat. If the bank is flat on one side and theres a steep drop or bluff on the other bank then the river is more than likely going to be the same way on the bottom. Most natural lakes are the same. Most man made lakes that I've fished are kind of dish bowl shaped and could have trees or other structure at any random place other than the obvious tree thats fell on the bank. In these lakes I've had more sucess around these obvious spots than any other spots on the lake. I have also found that there's just not going to be thirty cats in one laydown. After catching two or three move to the next lay down. If the steep bank or drop has large trees growing on it and some that have fell then you can bet there are trees in the river as well. I have learned this from a few years with a depth finder. Second is not to be so "afraid" of being hung up. Especially in rivers with heavy current. If its a rocky bank a slightly upstrem cast will usually get hung and that just means the bait will stay where you threw it and not wash up the bank. This is really not a problem if you use a three way rig and a weight line just big enough to cast the weight your using. A fish will knock the rig loose a lot of times. Third is not to avoid fast current in the summer and fall the fish don't seem to mind.
    I have to say that I have never fished for flatheads only blues and channels and have caught a few flats by luck. Hope that helps on your catfishing quest.
  14. Junior42

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    Catlettsburg, KY
    I go to a spot that I know there has been some fish caught. I might go scouting out for another every once in a while.
  15. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    I usually bank fish 75% of the time. The lakes I fish, I know the productive spots from experience. I go with the motto "early bird gets the worm"! I try to get my spot early so I don't have to worry about someone else invading the spot I want to fish. Sure, I've had people beat me to the punch, but I go somewhere else and fish too. They have just as much a right to fish than me. Unfamiliar waters, I look for structure, fish dams and falling timber from the shoreline.
  16. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    When I'm after catfish....I fish water that is near structure and comes up on a shallow flat, or sandbar, or rocks and points, lots of cover such as logs .

    When this is not possible I fish deep in current . I usually fish a spot from bank that has a water inlet pumping into it most of the year , and its a great spot due to gills and other bait fish hang there alot . If you can find a spot like that it is great.
  17. j-mack

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    I know what you mean Txbluecatman I am a corrections officer and deal with the same crap. I also fish during the week when I can.