Bank fishing @ public landing 6/27/09

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    I decided to take a trip to the big Ohio this saturday and try it out. I started out in the big parking lot area down stream from the boat launch. Wasted 2 hours there. I was going to leave because all I had left was shrimp and night crawlers; but I decided to take a walk around the wall. I found what I thought would be a great spot so I went back to the truck and got all my gear back out. My first bite happened within 15 minute on raw shrimp and it was a 9 pound channel cat. I caught several more fish in the 6 to 9 pound range and one shovelhead that was a Dink JR. at only 2 pounds. I may have to make another trip down there soon, I want to take some live gills or maybe some cut skipjack to that spot. I know there was some other large fish feeding in that area as I saw many fish go skipping across the water.
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    pm me where you go and mabey we can meet up down there