Bank fishing Kaskaskia/Carlyle

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    I plan to make a trip or two in search of good bank fishing spots on the Kaskaskia river and Carlyle lake area. I have never been to the area, but the research I have done so far seems to indicate the area produced more large flatheads than blues. I would appreciate any input on the blues and bank fishing spots in the area. Thanks
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    I have never caught nor seen a blue cat come out of carlyle lake.(some people claim that they have caught a blue when in fact it was a male channel) For the flats the best spots that I know are right up next to the dam and out at the rail road bridge where it cuts the lake in half near keyesport. There is also some nice flats that come off the riprap that makes up the dam face every year. need a boat to fish that area. i hope this helps some.

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    There are plenty of spots to bank fish in the Spillway area and I have seen very nice flatties pulled out of there, but not many blues. I catch alot of nice eating size channels and have pulled out two blues the whole time of me fishing down there. But just to give you a tip of advice bring plenty of tackle, because the bottom base is nothing but rock and you will get hooked up quite a few times through out the day. I use a three way swivel setup (river rig setup) for fishing down there in the spillway. And I use a clinch knot setup for the top of the swivel and the hook line swivel, and the bottom I just use a standard knot so the line comes off if you get hooked up. Also you will need to use 1 to 2 oz flat spoon weights to help to not get hooked up as much. You can boat fish down there as well, just dont speed through that area too much because when it gets warmer there are a butt load of big head carp on the top surface, and they will jump out of the water and can possibly injure you. Shad, blue gill, and night crawlers work the best in the swift moving water, and stink bait can be used in the calmer water spots. Good luck fishing down there, I always catch a nice group of eating size channels down there. As well you can fish for stripers down there and get alot of those during there spawning time.