Bank fishing. How to locate the the big ones

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    Just wanted some good advice on how to fish for the big ones at either a resevoir lake or a river. I usually fish taylorsville lake ky . And wanted a little advise. Maybe even some advice on the tackle iam using. I a have an abu garcia 5000 and 6500. Also iam using a carolina rig.

    anything will help

    thanks joshua
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    I may not be the best person to offer bank fishing advice or any advice for that matter but as far as your gear goes, I have noticed guys generally gear up large for bank fishing in order to cast a mile out into the water away from the bank...not so much needed in a boat. For location, well that really depends on where you fish but if I was at a lake that I have never fished before I would ask some locals. Look for creek channels near structure/stickups, I would imagine as the evening progresses the cats will go shallower and vice versa as the day comes on, maybe try a couple different setups to see which produces---shallow under a cork, deep on carolina rig. Good luck

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    Sounds like you have the right set up to me. When I bank fish, I use a carolina rig as well. What I would recommend trying is rigging on pole with a slip bobber and use it to "drift" the hole that you are fishing in. Simply adjust it until it is a foot or two off of the bottom. Cast as far upriver as you can and allow it to drift through the hole.
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    As far as T-ville Thermocline is probably 12 ft . A slip bobber maybe to keep it off the bottom .:eek:oooh: I would also suggest a long rod to get it off the banks to drift way out for the blues . If you can find one of those handy lake maps showing depth contours that may help as well . River flatties at night should be close to banks in log jams or rock . Stout gear /HEAVY LINE if you suspect there is a biggun in there:wink: