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    Found a couple good spots off of wing dykes and even a boat ramp on the river that I would like to try and catch some fish off of eater size or trophy it does not matter. However my question is what should I use for bait? Where should I get it? Any help would be great! Thanks
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    Winfield, MO
    I assume you are talking about the Mississippi or Missouri Rivers.

    The best thing you could do is use the baitfish the cats are eating every day.

    That means investing in a cast net. (They aren't very expensive)

    Practice and learn to throw it well. Then go catch Shad, Mooneye (or Goldeye) and small Skip Jack.

    The bonus: Your bait is FREE

    FREE IS GOOD!!!!

    Also, try Sabiki Rigs for the larger Skip Jacks.

    Of course if you are after Flathead, go to your local farm pond or elsewhere and load up on bluegills.:0a26:

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    If you're fishing slack water behind a wing dyke or near a boat ramp, you're probably going to be most likely to catch eater size channel cats. So any of the typical channel cat baits ought to work - stink bait, liver, whatever.

    If you want to target blues, live or fresh cut bait (shad, mooneye, carp, even drum) will do the trick. It's hard to catch bait from the shore on the river with a net - you just can't get to the "good" bait locations that way.