bank fishing at shelbyville?

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    is there a place to fish from the bank around the noth end of the lake thats no to hard to get too? we are planning on going there later in the week and would like to find someplace other than the spillway to fish. thanks for any help. :)
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    There are a few areas, but as low as the water has been due to the lack of rain, the banks are going to be fairly steep around most of the lake.
    As for the north end I'm not too sure. I'm only about 10 or 11 miles from the Dam at Shelbyville, so I know a little more about the south end of the lake.

    East of Shelbyville, past the Sale Barn about a mile or so on the Left, there is a parking area for Fishing (if you go to the Lithia Springs turn, you've went to far).
    This area goes back into a cove that's down over the hill after you park.

    Also the bank isn't to bad around the 9th Street boat ramp, back to the West of the ramp is a cove that's easy to walk back into through the brush.

    There are also quite a few other places around most of the campgrounds, such as Coon Creek, Opposum Creek, Eagle Creek etc.

    Hope this helps you out.