Bank fishing at Buckeye Lake

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    On Saturday I went fishing at Buckeye Lake, but I was really disappointed. The water looked like pea soup, & all I kept doing was getting snagged. I've heard that Cranberry Marsh is good, but I was told I could only get there by boat. Does anyone have any suggestions for spots to bank fish from? I've heard Avondale Park is good too, but I don't know where it is. I tried several different spots, but I gave up at Brooks Park. I would love to try again if I could have better luck.
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    Jennifer I was at Liebs Island on saturday and trust me there is no real good spot for banking it there. The best spot that Ive had was to go to picnic point (take 79 till it deadends there) park your car where the restrooms are at and there is a small inlet but its busy during the day and you might loose gear from rude boaters going in and out without warning you.

    Right by the small walking bridge tspergin said there is some flatheads or possible flatheads there (Ive never caught anything) but Tony fishes there all the time and knows that lake very well. If you cross the walking bridge and go all the way to the point and cast out towards the bouy you can get some decent channel action (that is where Ive done best).

    Oh Buckeye always looks like pea soup it because of unlimited horsepower boats and a very shallow bottom with alot of muck(at least thats how it was explained to me).

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    Jen, I fished Buckeye for 3 or 4 yrs using live baits and shad. I started on the bank then a boat and I never had any large fish. I could manage a bunch of squealer channels and bullheads but thats about it. Once I found the Muskingum river I never looked back lol. There are fish in Buckeye but it doesn't seem to matter if you fish the bank or a boat its gonna suk lol. There is just too much natural forage in there for them to eat they aren't hungry all the time lol. Tony can catch them by drifting but he is the only one that catches numbers there. You should take a trip down to Dillon and the river in Zanesville. Less people and more bank spots on Dillon, and a better chance at big flatheads on the Muskingum.