Banana as bullhead catfish bait

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by river scum, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    never thought of bananas as catfish food,but they like it. sitting here watching my fish tank and eating a banana. i wondered if they would like some bananma. well ,turns out they love them. i can dangle a string from the peel and they rip it out of my hands. they still do it so they must like it,rite. lol anyone want to try this with there catfish in tanks? in 9 months the biggest bullhead has grown from 1 in. to about 5 in. in lenght (10 ga. tank) maybe a banana based punch bait would catch wild fish too?
  2. jason454ci

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    Zanesville, Ohi
    Can't get my flathead to eat them, but my oscars and pacu love banana's. I like to throw different things in to see what they will eat. Don't think I have found a thing they won't eat.