BAM's Oxygen Infused Bait Tank Pump

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    Here is a way to add oxygen to your bait tank for under 15 dollars.

    Parts list:

    Atwood V 500 bilge pump ( Walmart 11.00 )
    Small aquarium air valve ( pet store 2.00 )
    Air line ( same pet store )
    Plastic container ( about quart size )
    Filter material ( I used some left over air conditioner filter, net bath spongy things etc.)



    Remove the base plate from the pump, cut tubing at a angle and wedge between water inlet on bottom of pump. Tubing should be a little over halfway of the impeller opening. Replace pump base, this should hold tubing in place.


    Make an appropriate size hole in the side of the plastic container( should be fairly snug), for the pump discharge. Make sure to get the hole the correct height.


    Connect air valve to the free end of tubing.


    I also attached the pump to the bottom of the plastic container, then added a couple of lead weights to keep pump and filter on bottom.


    Place filter media on top of pump: then place in bait tank. The air control valve also controls the flow of water, more air less water flow, less air more water flow. You want just enough water flow so the bait has to gently swim to stay in place. To much water flow and your bait will tire, stress and not last as long. I use it in a 25 gallon tank.
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    Nice. Do you think this will work with a bait pump that mounts on the outside of the bait tank?