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    Does it matter how many ball bearings a reel has?In the past I just bought a reel or combo without much thought but now i'm looking to get serious about my equipment and fishing and want to make sure i understand all the info about my equipment.Any help would be great.
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    Yes it matters the more bearings the smoother cast and retrieve. this is more so with spinning reels but still applys to bait casters as well.

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    THE MORE THE BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    One of the places I fish, boats are not allowed and you have to cast around 125 to 140 yards to get to the hole the fish are in. Bearings make a difference on ease of casting to those holes. As far as the number of bearings, that's not as big of an issue.

    When the reel is in free spool to cast (baitcast reel), then the only thing turning at high speed is the spool. The level wind also moves, but not nearly as fast. If you've got good spool bearings (2), then it casts easier and smoother. If you've got at least 1 bearing in the level wind, then it will help a little, but as long as you keep the levelwind lubed good, then it won't help but to give you maybe a few feet. I've not found any difference in distance between one bearing and two bearings on the levelwind.

    The only other place to put a bearing on the baitcaster is on the handle crankshaft, which is disengaged while casting anyway. It won't have anything to do with casting distance. Some of the handle crank bearings are straight bearings or anti-reverse bearings.

    So, If you've got two spool bearings and the anti-reverse bearing on the handle shaft, then you've got a C3. If you've also got 1 bearing on the levelwind, then you've got a C4. If your levelwind has two bearings on it along with the others, then you've got a C5. I can't tell any difference in smoothness on retrieval between the one and two bearings on the levelwind. The levelwind with the two bearings are more expensive than just having one and they're harder to find to replace.

    If you've got a 6000 and want bearings, you've probably already got one on the handle crank shaft. I'd just replace the spool bushings with bearings and you're set.