baldwin and kaskaskia river meet

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    Does anyone know if the kaskaskia river is accesible at any place close by were the water from the kaskaskia spills into baldwin?
  2. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    does the kaskaskia run into the lake at all ? I believe that the spillway at baldwin lakw just over flows into the creek that runs to the river . I could be mistaken its been years since i was at either place in that area . I do know of a boat ramp to the river over there you have to go into the little town of baldwin and go west out of town right before the bridge there is a road with boat ramp signs that goes up in there . also there is a few boat launches at becks landing just up the road from baldwin lake gates but i wouldnt leave anything there you want .....:big_smile: thiefs an idiots run that area .