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    Lost Wages
    Many of you out there like myself live in the city and do not have the areas needed for a garden, not quite. You can successfully grow some vegetables in a small area, heres how. I use 5 gallon paint buckets. I clean them up and remove the label and paint them with Krylon spray paint for plastic. Now they look like planting pots. I simply use a high quality planting mix like organic miracle grow brand and you can either start from seed or go to a nursery and buy starters. I have one plant per container and Im growing peppers and tomatoes, this is my first year and so far so good. I use miracle grow tomato food and just water when the soil starts to dry a couple of inches down. Every day I turn the pots a quarter turn also. Well hope this helps especially with the rising costs of food.

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    ozzy, It is probably too late now, but I thought I would share this with you. I haven't ever tried it myself, but I hear it works great and I am sure there are guys on here that have had success this way.
    When you plant your tomatoes, fill the 5 gal bucket with soil, put the lid on it and flip it upside down. Cut a hole in the bottom (which would now be the top) and plant your tomato plant (or seed if you prefer). Allow the plant to grow enough that it established a good root system and then hang the bucket upside down (or right side up) by the handle. You can now take the lid off to be able to water and fertilize you plant. The tomato is supposed to grow fine like this, and it makes picking them a lot easier. Like I said, I haven't ever tried this, and tell myself every spring I am going to. Maybe this will be the year!:wink: Good luck and thanks for the info.