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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by brew, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. brew

    brew New Member

    Ok, now I gotta pair a new reel with the rod. I was looking into the baitrunner type of spinnning reels. How do you guys like these? If you had to pick from the ones below, what would be you top two and why?

    Penn Cll 5000
    okuma baitfeeder
    shakespeare tidewater
    shimano baitrunner

    Thanks guys, never used one of these before but I think it would be a benefical feature.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    My good buddy "Butcher Mike" fishes with the Shimano. I can't get him away from the spinnin reels and onto a baitcaster. The point of this rant is to let ya know that the clicker is not all that loud. A fine reel but not loud enough for me. It ain't gonna wake ya up. LOL!

  3. Bank Catter

    Bank Catter New Member

    Anderson, SC
    If money is not an issue I'd buy a Shimano as it appears to be the "standard" similar to the ABU in baitcasters. However, I've found that Okuma Bait Feeders were better values for me. If cost is the major concern, then the Tidewater Freeliner may prove the best option for you. I'm not familiar with the Penns. While shopping for my Okumas I found the Penns to be pricey for the features in comparison.
  4. JAYNC

    JAYNC Active Member

    Newport N.C.
    I wouldnt trade my shimanos for any reel on the planet, they are awesome and they never miss a beat.
  5. RiverratSC

    RiverratSC Active Member

    Gaffney, SC
    The Penn reels are nice I have a CLL 5000 myself and the Okuma Coronada Reels are nice too.
  6. brew

    brew New Member

    well you guys who own or have afew different ones of these which one has a louder clicker? Cost really isn't an issue, I have a feeling this is gong on the christmass list, lol.

    JJHACK New Member

    Wa. State and Elisrass RSA
    I have used the Shimano baitrunner but not owned one. It's a fine machine with no downside. I liked it so well I bought the Shimano Thunnus(if cost is no issue this is "the spinning reel" to own for catfish!

    I also have two Okuma Epixor EB30's (baitfeeder) reels which I load with 30 pound powerpro and have caught cats to 10 pounds never an issue never a problem. Likely the best value for the dollar over all.

    With my Shimano thunnus 6000 and my 8 foot Uglystick catfish model rod I could land any North American cat without a problem. I can fit 260 yards of 50 lb powerpro on this and the reel will generate 20 solid pounds of drag force. More then enough for fish in the hundreds of pounds range!
  8. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I own a shakespeare tidewater freeliner its a nice reel for the money! I have not caught nothing big yet on it.
  9. CoonX

    CoonX Member

    Oklahoma City O
    Brew, I have 3 Okuma Epixor Baitrunners. 2 EB-50s and 1 EB-30. Nice and smooth drags. I'd definitely recommend them.
    As far as clickers go, none of them have them. They are designed to be used with a bite alarm, the bite alarms are on a bit of the loud side. LOL
    If the pic uploaded right, it's a Fox Micron MX.

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  10. CptAhab

    CptAhab New Member

    Manitoba, CAN
    Hey there Brew,
    if you get the choice and its something thats hitting the Christmas list ask for the Shimano. I've been told by tackle shop owners that Shimano has the best bearings in the industry and that their warranty work is the best. I know when I was looking at my Baitrunner that the Penn was also a choice, but the word that I had was that Shimano was still the standard and that the freespool feature was still the smoothest on the market. Hey here's to hoping theres something mighty fine under the tree.
  11. HOPPY4

    HOPPY4 New Member

    Waldorf MD
    The question of quality does not need to be Addressed! Shimano is at the top of this game and have been for more the 20 years. Now on to value, the question then comes to what your fishing budget is. You will get a reel that will last you when you purchase one of the Shimanos. If you consider the price at that point, you will use them for many years to come. The Okuma Epixor EB series are cost worthy and have started to compete with the Shimanos. They are not Shimanos and this is a FACT, but you have a Great fishing reel in your hands. The clickers are not loud and the use of an alarm will make the enjoyment much better. You can hear them when line is taken, but this will not wake you if sleeping. I own these 2 brands and also the Diawa Regal X & Z for Carp fishing. You now have my opinion, but the decision will remain yours in the end. JMHO!!!!

  12. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I have several Okuma baitfeeders, and a shimano baitrunner....The Okumas are nice reels, but I feel the shimano is better.
  13. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I have Shimano 6500 baitrunner. Its my favorite for bank fishing, never had any problems with it so far. Never tried any other of the baitrunners.
  14. daystarchis

    daystarchis New Member

    Clovis Cali
    Get the shimano bro....Trust me. ;)
  15. p_strouth

    p_strouth New Member

    Louisville Tn
    you can't go wrong with the okumas, I have several (20) in various sizes and models the newest being Avenger ABF65 (7 bearings-cap.320yds of 20#) great products . list price$59.99 so not to hard on your wallet either
  16. Ohio Trophy Hunter

    Ohio Trophy Hunter New Member

    Columbus Ohio
    i have an okuma epixor eb65,it's a 10 bearing reel with an incredibly smooth bait runner.not loud at all though!a bite alarm would be a great idea.after a season of use in fresh and salt water and several decent sized fish(up to 22 lbs.)it is as smooth as the day i got holds a TON of power pro 50# and casts as well as my abu 6500c3!
    i guess it'll take many more seasons to compare it to the shimano baitrunner,but this reel is by far the smoothest i have ever used.
    Erib B
  17. cook

    cook New Member

    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    I got a penn cll5000 for x-mas-hope to try it out in wed.

    Better than anything I've owned yet.I haven't had a top end shimano yet,but I would say they set the standard.
  18. the_nis

    the_nis Member

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    I have three Okuma Epixor EB Baitrunners, two EB65's and one EB 30. I absolutely love these reels. I have compared them to Shimano's baitrunners and I like the Okuma a lot better. For the price, in my opinion, you're not going to find a better deal. The only problem I've encountered with them is the bait alarm could be louder. Other than that, they are probably the smoothest reels I own.
  19. Catman 1964

    Catman 1964 New Member

    New Mexico
    I have a Shimano 6500B and it has worked great. A friend of mine has an Okuma that works very well for him as well and they are less than half the price of a Shimano. Take care and God Bless.
  20. seaswirl

    seaswirl New Member

    hey guys, i am new to this site, and just want to post to help out!! i have all 3 sizes of the shimano baitrunners and love them, this fall the 4500 caught many good sized blues and stripers in the Del. bay awesome reels, i just bought the 3500 which i havnt used yet, but im sure i will love it!! and i use the 6500 for the surf!! i also have a Penn 4600 live liner, wich is also a good reel!! but i like the shimanos better!!