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    Just curious if anyone would be willing to let go of their proven secret techniques of baiting catfish here in Georgia.(or elsewhere)....What you use for bait,(how you make your own personal mixture) how you distribute the bait or anything else that might help when I take my nephew fishing. Just trying to keep him interested in a hobby that will keep him away from all the so called "friends" that do the wrong things as a hobby....I'm thinkin that a few successful fishin trips will keep his interest in fishin rather the other pier pressure hobby's...thus keepin him outa trouble.
    Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. delbert bumbleshoot

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    Overland Park,Kansas
    Fermented soybeans or milo work the best. Get some soybeans at your local elevator. Fill a 5 gallon bucket 1/3 full of soybeans {no more than this or you will have an explosion of stink on your hands.}Fill it with water and cap it off in a place away from neighbors ,wives ,children and pets. Give it 3-4 days in the hot sun and voila. You gotta whole lotta stink on your hands. Take a stadium cup and sow it like grass seed in an area 5-6 cups should be enough.where you've caught fish before{dropoffs, brush piles,feeders,Docks etc. It ain't magic if you put it where there aren't any fish you won't catch anything.Put it in the right place however and 100 catfish days can be the norm.It will draw channel cats, blues,carp etc.We had a slow day yesterday 3 of us caught 65 channels in 5 1/2 hours. Big fish 11 lbs average fish 3-4 lbs. 2 weeks ago I caught 73 all by myself. I was out 7 hours though. Chum 3 or 4 spots and come back to them.Good article in In-Fisherman last month. Good Luck.

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    Hi Guy,
    Go to a feed store and get some corn, and or range cubes for cows. Id say 100 lbs of each. Go to place you gonna want to fish spread the goods. The fish will come.

    It should be getting right after about a week to ten days.
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    Almost every recipe just involves getting a good grain mixture, put it in a bucket, barely cover it with water, put a lid on it, and letting it ferment in the sun for a few days. It will sour and stink to high heaven. Just pour some in the hole you want to fish and give it about an hour or two to work. This works best in still water or water with little current
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    i have not done it but my friend says to get some brim and put in a meat grinder and "chum" the wiskered friends in . just my $0.02 hope this helps
  6. delbert bumbleshoot

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    went out with Catdaddy Shumway he uses ground shad for chum. Range cubes will work if ya got a weak stomach they don't stink.Them Texas boys use em' Takes them a couple of days to dissolve.:eek:oooh:
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    Ogden, Kansas,
    The idea is to create an area that fish and their favorite prey concentrate.
    Any type of food will do, grain is cheapest so most folks go with that.
    Another way to go is cheap dog food but be sure to weight that stuff
    down since it tends to float when it gets wet. There are lots of different
    containers that folks have used for chum buckets, I recommend a wire
    minnow trap with the entry holes plugged up. Scoop the chum into it, set
    it out and scatter some loose stuff around the wire container. I think it
    works better if you chum for several successive days before fishing, but
    some folks fish over it almost immediately. Chumming also feeds on itself
    since you can use the scrap from the harvested fish in the chum bucket
    to bring more in. Another interesting plus is that roadkill makes good chum
    as well. Bust them dead critters up with a shovel and scoop them into
    that bucket. It'll draw crawdads from two counties away! Cats will follow!