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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by T Man, Jul 12, 2009.

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    Grenada MS
    I have a couple youngsters I want to take catfishing I want fast action I ve heard of baitin an area for blues and channel (It is legal here)I have a real big lake here and want to fix a place 2 rivers run into lake any suggestions about picking a place and what to use as bait?
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    Finding a spot like an eddy or calmer section where the bait wont just float away is important. I've used ground up sucker and perch heads to chum with great success. Hope this helps and let us know how it goes for you. :big_smile:

  3. dono

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    If you have time you can make chum out of corn, just buy some chopped corn at the feed store and ad water and cover. Let it set a week or so in the sun. A can of beer will speed the process. I sometimes throw in the remains of fish I have cleaned.
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    T.... I would get me a bag of corn, a burlap bag, and a five gallon bucket with a lid. First I would put the burlap bag in the bucket like a trash bag liner then fill it with corn. Add water all the way to the top. Fold in the top of the burlap bag and put the lid on the bucket and set in the sun for a week or more letting the corn sour. Check it every few days and add water as needed keeping the corn totally emerged in water.

    When it is done and your about ready to take these younguns fishin. Go our ahead of time with the bucket. locate your spot and open the bag our and strow some of the corn all around. Then put a weight of some sort in the bag like a brick or large rock or something. Tie the bag in a knot and attach a rope right below the knot and lower the bag into the lake. When it hits bottom attach a jug to it but have the jug submerged enough that others won't easily see it but that you can find it.

    Go back a few hours later and start fishing. Most of the time you can set it out early of a morning and start fishing that evening or you can set it out late evening and start fishing it the next morning.

    You can use any kind of bait ya want or several kinds to find out what the cats will prefer that day. I usually use worms when fishing using this method.

    As far as location... near one of the mouths of those rivers sounds like it would be ideal... but I wouldn't go very shallow but I would set up just out of the major current. If possible try to find what depth the thermocline is and try to set up at the same depth or as close to that depth as possible.
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    dog food will do the trick.
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    The soured chops works. Had a friend once that took a car tire and put a sack of dog food in it and wrapped it in hardware cloth, this also works. He had a rope and jug tied to it so he could refill the tire.