Baitcasting vs Spinning?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by CJ21, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I know this been ask before, but I am making the change to all baitcasters for my bass fishing and catfishing needs, I think they have more power and u dont need to buy a large baitcaster just for it to hold 20lb test line. What do u fisherman think? And I also contact Daiwa about those Sweepfire rods I like they are a Composite Rod which means it is a mixture of E-Glass annd Graphite I wonder why the med action rod was so strong. going to be change all my cat rods to MH Daiwa Sweepfire rods, the guy say will work for cats.
  2. peewee williams

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    I have a couple of Medium Diawa Sweepfire rods Model No:SWA 602MRB 6'0" Meduim Lure:1/2-1oz. Line:12-16lb.with Johnson MAXXUM Spin cast reels on them.The reels are designed to hold 150 yards of 20 lb.Mono. but come prespooled with 14 lb.Mono.The largest thing that I have caught on them is Bow-fin of approximately 6 lbs.I do seem to have a thing for catching Bow-fin of that size which put up quiet a fight and are all I can now handle and a bit more.The rods and reels did everything you could expect of them and more.The rods and reels work well with my crippled up hands and would make a great outfit for a beginner as well as a great outfit for the money.As for the "Baitcasting VS Spinning".I think that the answer for each of us rest in our own minds and only in our own minds.No one but you can make that decision for you.From hand lines to electric reels,each is best in it;s own time and place,or has been for me.I think it is great to learn how to and use them all if you have the opportunity.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

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    I use baitcast for all of the cat and bass fishing.
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    I have an ABU baitcaster I'm going to dedicate solely to catfishing this year. All of my catfishing up until now has been dedicated to eatong size fish so my catfish arsenal consists almost totally of Zebco 33's.