Baitcasters and Troling Reels?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by tat_n_trapper, Feb 5, 2006.

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    what is the difference?
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    Difference-quite a lot usually.

    Most of the difference is the baitcaster is designed to cast lure/bait efficently, where as trolling reels are designed to let out line in a controlled method behind a boat. Most trolling reels are made to heavier standards for heavier line/lures/etc, are not designed to be cast like a baitcaster, and do NOT cast well at all ( will give you a world class birdsnest). Trolling reels as a rule due not have any methods of adjusting for different bait weights, whereas baitcasters are set up to due just that, and do it quite well.

    There are exceptions though. The Shakespear Tidewater series can be cast quite well with a little practice, I have two TW30LA and they cast fine with a LOT of practice. Some of Penn's are designed to cast or troll as the need be. However, if you are looking at Penns then you need to talk to Gator or some of the other guys here who use Penn reels and cast them well. Some/most penns are not designed for casting & they can guide you better than I can.

    Myself, I prefer Ambassadeurs for casting. There are lots of good quality reels out there designed for casting. Such as ABU Ambassadeurs, Quantum, Shakespear, Pfluger, Penn, Daiwa, Shimano, etc. I suggest you get several catalogs, read all the specs & info on all the famous brand reels, talk to others, then made an informed a decision based on all of the input. Also look at how long the company has been in business and their reputation!

    Don't buy something just because someone else says to. Everyone has opinions and has had bad experiences with any make on the market. Just like buying a car, everyone has their favorite brand.

    The main thing is buy a quality reel, not cheap junk! If true anywhere, in reels the old saying you get what you pay for is true!

    Also look in the library section. There are articles there about just about all the major brand reels. That will give you quite a headstart. There will be both good and bad info posted on just about any reel out there. That should help you narrow down the choices.

    Good luck and welcome to BOC! You will not find a better bunch of fisherman willing to help anyway possible than here!:)


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    Now, I will agree that junk is junk, and isn't worth mounting on a rod, but just spending a bunch of money for a reel won't guarantee that you'll get a reel that will stand up to the task of catfishing. Historically, the difference between casting reels and trolling reels was that lighter gears had to be used in reels designed for casting, and these wouldn't hold up under the pressure of trolling. Along the same line, the heavy gears needed for trolling prevent decent casting. There are lots of decent, expensive, high-quality casting reels out there that just won't stand up to continued casting of 6 & 8 ounce sinkers, and pulling in +20# fish in a heavy current. Nor do they work well with the heavier line needed for this type of fishing. Despite their quality and expense, they're made for lighter types of fishing. If your catfishing doesn't subject a reel to these kinds of severe useage, then these quality 'dinky' reels are great. I've got an Abu 6500 that I love for lightweight catfishing, but it just won't do the job when it gets serious.