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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by airforceben, Feb 26, 2007.

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    hey guys need some help. ive always fished with spinning reels and my first experience with a casting reel left me with a ton of backlash and alot of frustration. so heres my question, i just got 2 new okuma classic pro cl 302l reels. the guy at the store was telling me how to use it pretty well but just wanted to make sure. this reel has the spool tension knob, the spool on off button and the baitclicker. i understand how the baitclicker works. i really just wanted to make sure that to cast i turn the spool off, and then once i stop it in the water i would turn it back on enabling me to reel in the line. any help would be great.
    im also really excited about this got these are my first real catfish rigs: 2 big game rods, the 2 reels , and some 50 pound braid
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    You got the basics down all right. BUT you forgot one extremely important part. P R A C T I C E. That is the only way you will stop getting the back lash/bird nests. You'll get it, and it don't take that much effort. Buy some cheap line you'd never fish with and put it on the reels until you learn control, then spool it with the brand you want to fish with. Isn't life grand. LOL

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    airforceben, AwShucks has given you the Low-Down in a Nutshell! The info you have will get you going and the Practice will keep you fishing for many years to come. The reels that you have may also be used comfortably in Light Saltwater applications. They are Very Good Reels for the money! JMHO!! Take your time and get comfortable with the set-ups that you have and then Catch some FISH!