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    whats the best way to hook cut bait and live bait I use 6/0 hooks or (whats size should use) and i lose alot of fish and i was wondering whats the best way to put the hook through the bait fish whens its alive or its used as cut bait thanks let me know ???
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    There are many different ways to put the hook in live baits. Some hook them thru the lips and nostrils. Some below the dorsil fin and some thru the tail area. I think it all depends on the fish your trying to catch and how they are biting that day. Some days the fish will hit hard and take the bait good and some days they just nibble at it until they get it all in their mouths. You have to watch your lines close and determine how the fish are hitting that day to determine which way is best to hook your bait. If they are hitting hard I think it's just a matter of preference to the fisherman how your hooking the bait but if they are hitting lite and just nibbling I like to hook mine under the dorsel fin or just a little further back. That puts more of the bait on the hook and is hard to knock off the hook.

    As far as the type of hook well that's a big debate also. I would say experiment and find what works best for you. But instead of buying a whole bunch of hooks find some of your fishing buddies and see what they use and if they are using something different ask if you can try one.

    With cut bait it depends on how you are cutting them. If your just cutting them into chunks then just hook them on the best way you can that the bait don't easily come off the hook if a fish just plays with it. If your filleting them I usually run the hook thru the fillet about three times.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck

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    I have to agree with WHisker Manic on this one.
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    Everything depends on the size of fish your water is capable of producing. For cut and live baits you must use a wide gap hook. I prefer circle hooks. Typically I fish with 7/0-12/0 hooks. My cut bait varies from 1 inch cubes/filets and live bait can be up to 12 inches in big water. For live bait I run the hook through the roof of the mouth and out just in front of the eyes, be careful not to go too far back.
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    I hook em behind the dorsil fin.