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  1. SkipEye

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    Winfield, MO
    Hey all,

    Man the board is slow lately.

    Anyway, I have been itching to get a fishing treip in since I got back home to Missouri. Where are you finding bait as of late?

    And really, what is the deal with the skips at Alton? Are they at the hot water discharge like we are hearing about down south? I have never had any luck finding REAL SkipJacks (only a few very small ones by accident in the cast net). Now the SkipEye's are a different story but I haven't been out in so long I don't know where to start. This is really my first attempts at fishing the river in Winter. I think I can find the Cats but where is the bait. If they are 25-30 ft deep I'm not sure my cast net has a long enough rope. LOL

    Muchas Gracias (probably misspelled but hey I never took Spanish).

    FREESPOOL New Member

    Edwardsville, Illinois
    I was finding shad and asians at the power plant discharge above the dam in Alton. It took a few throws to get enough, but they were there.
    Theres also a really fast flow of warm water coming out of the discharges at the end of the creek. There were birds flying around and swooping into the rushing water. I was wondering if I might find any skippies up there. I didn't try though. The birds were there for a reason though.

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    The problem I've been having lately with catching shad is that I'm also catching catfish at the same time. In fact, I'm catching about 10 cats per 1 shad. You know... the "aquarium" catfish about 3-8" long. They are murder on the cast net and quite a pain on top of that.
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    I cant help you with the Mississippi Darryl. I been fishin the Missouri. Bait has been a real pain to get. Tuesday is the best day gettin bait I have had since it started gettin cold. I got one big asian and 2 small shad in about an hour of throwing. That was a good day. I did catch 4 fish. 17, 9, 7, 1 1/2. The bait was real deep. I am gonna try to add some rope to my net next time to see if that is the answer. The fish were in slow current.
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    I've never caught anything at the mouth of the hot water discharge above Alton.. I usually go up the discharge it'll curve to the right.. There will be a little island in the middle.. Don't go on the right side of it unless you like walking.. Go just past the island and start throwing your net on the left side of boat .. while drifting back out.. It usually takes a couple drifts to get enough bait..

    Eagle Island on the Illinois side of the island about halfway up the island next to the bank in about 5 ft of water early in the morning right after sunup. I had good luck there.. Some days you throw for an hour other days 2 throws gets you 50 shad.. These are usually 3 to 6 inches long there..
  6. thomas feldon

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    Farmington, MO.
    Darryl, Try to take a bait catching exsperiance.
    January 5th.
    Uncle Sci Fi memorial outting!
    Get together with other Missouri boy's and hit the road to the Dam's in Kentucky. We'll catch the heck out of skipjack and beet the Cane -Tuck-eee boy's for show of the mosttest / show up to the challange.
    Heck us Missouri boy's have been challanged by the Cane- tuck -eee boy's.
    Bring a bait cooler for the skippie's. Perferably a large one!
    Allot of energy! Just going up and down the step's to empty your pail in the cooler is tirering. Let a lone catching the skipp's!

    Then there is the best part!:smile2:
    Meeting some of the best people in the world even if we don't catch a thing.
    How do they say it " Priceless ":cool2: