Bait well from a cooler

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    this is a new bait tank i made from an old extra cooler i had.

    i first went to walmart and bought a bubble box. a portable $6 air pump that runs on 2 d cell batteries and some air line tubing for $2. the pumps are in the tackle section and the tubing is in the aquarium section. the pump does come with hose but its real flexable rubber type and not real long. i wanted extra. then picked up a 5" bubblestone next to the line.

    i took the back clip off the bubble box and used short 3/8" screws to attach the box right to cooler. i used the short ones to keep from going through side of cooler. then selected a bit that was same size diamater as the air line and drilled a whole through the cooler just above the air nozzle on pump.

    then i used 3m marine sil/adh 5200 to attach the bubblestone to bottom of cooler so the oxygen would get the best flow up into the center of the tank. run air line through hole and attach to the stone and pump and cut to fit. after its was attached i sealed the line through the cooler with the 5200.

    this cooler kept a blue gill and a 1 1/2 # bass alve and well for 5 hrs before i cleaned them. test was a success. now its time for flatheading.