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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the boc, and I'm buying a 100 gallon stock tank to use as a bait tank. I plan on putting goldfish, bluegill, and small bullheads in it. I was just wondering can I actually use water from my house and what are the basic things I'm going to need such as an aerator or pump.

    Thanks Everyone
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    Welcome to the BOC. I am new to this as well, just bought a 150 gal stock tank. I have used tap water from the house to fill it. I let it sit for a few days to get to temp and added a few bluegills. Put in an aerator. Been about a week and they are still all living, FWIW. I suppose if you are worried about the added chemicals, you could go to the pet store and get the stuff you are supposed to add to an aquarium to control the chemicals.

    I have searched bait tanks here on the forum and there are some out there with pumps with multiple filters, they are pretty nice.

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    Greenup Co. KY
    I get 55 gallon plastic barrels from car washes($10) and rinse them out REAL good.
    Then I'm going to use the above ground swimming pool cartridge type filter/pump for the filtration and aeration. I know it'll work, I know people that have done it. Make sure to keep it in a cool place and have some type of lid on it also.
    Once I'm able, I'll post the pics and do a write up for the library.
    Look around for those pump/filters, I was given 2 that work, just have to put a new cord on one and buy the hose.
    I'll let you all know when its up and running but who knows how long it'll be with a broken back.
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    First welcome to the BOC to both of you. :big_smile:

    You will be able to find a lot of great information in the BOC Library on Bait Tanks and any thing else for that matter. Here is a link to the Library" BOC Member Library

    If you have city water it will have chemicals in it that will need to be treated. If your your water is supplied via a ground well or spring your water should be fine. You will still need filtration and circulation of the water and I like to use an air pump in my bait tank. :big_smile: Here is a link to a very good thread about this that one of members was kind enough to write up and share with us. <A href="http://"" target=_blank>Bait Tank Suggestions

    Hope this helps,