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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by cliff n york, Oct 28, 2007.

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    what type do you have,and do you clean, filter the water :confused2:
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    Cliff are you talking about a long term storage/ rasing tank or just a bait tank to get the bait to and from the water? I use a 20 gallon tub with a duel rock bubble maker for keeping the bait I catch and bring home for use the next day. It works great as long as you keep it in a cool place and make sure that the bait has good clean water when you get ready to head home. They will keep for 24 to 36 hours as long as I don't put over 60 baits in the tank.
    Now a long term tank I gave up on. I have kept bait a week in a 8" cattle trough with a recirculation system and bubles but they will die in it! If the Ph spikes due to the fish waste you will loose them all. It is a tough thing to do. You will fare better with a small pond if you have the room to build one. My buddy and I catch bait and relocate it to local ponds and then recatch the bait as needed. Good luck! Bait is one of the toughest parts of catfishing 6 months out of the year where I live!

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    cliff i have had a bait tank in the basement for years. its a 30 gal. barrel, and will keep 50 gills for weeks at a time. you just have to get it up and runnin, for a week or so with a few gills in it, to start the microbes working in the filter. all i have is one of those outdoor decrorative water pumps pumping into a 2 litter bottle (slit in top/side for water to run out)full of filter media(stuff like scratch pads). microbs will grow on the filter and that cleans the water. the water falling from the filter has been enough to aireate it. keep out of the sun and dont feed and it will serv you well. ill insert a pic for ya

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    There are a ton of different ideas for bait tanks if you search the threads. There is also a new sponsor that designs bait aeration systems that look really good. I think they are called Akwa-lung or something like that.