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    Hey guys i was wondering if this would work for a bait tank. The tank would be about 30gals. If the Aqua Lung guys would chip in this would help. How would i use one of your systems with a setup like this. I looked at all the pics and still dont quite understand. Thanks Alot for any input.

    BTW- I plan on angling the water discharge in the tank so that it will circulate. I dont know if this will help keep shad alive or not.

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    the system in your drawing appear to be a constant flow of fresh water this system will not work with the akwa-lung product. our system is for recirculateing systems ., meaning your pump must move water within the tank only then, can you truly stabalize your bait tank ,. adding salt will reduce stress, replace electrolytes,and with our center flow technolgy, removing the ammonia from within your system it will improve gill our areation device will produce more than enough oxygen for your tank. our system is simple , pump within your live tank to the akwa-lung system out of akwa-lung system to the return in your live tank this system was created for the everyday fisherman to maintain a healthy live tank