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Discussion in 'Livewell and Bait Tank Review' started by Taknitez, Nov 17, 2008.

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    I'm thinking of buying a bait tank in the 40 gallon range. I was wondering what type to get? I am leaning toward the Super Bait Tank II or a Grayline. The bait size is going to be between 8" and 12" normally. Which bait tank do you think is better & why? Please discuss the features you like and dislike about each one.

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    you can spend as much as you want on a bait tank, from $150-$700 there are some differences such as insulated, painted blue on inside, filtered. If it were not for shad I would use a 5 gallon bucket, perch and bream will live a long time in a bucket but you would be lucky to have a shad last 30 minutes in a bucket. I have went through several livewells trying to make shad live a whole fishing trip and have decided it's not worth the trouble. I have a "Keep Alive" tank, I didnt like the filter on it so I changed it to a drip style filter, its 30 gallons and has a 500gph tsunami pump. if I had it to do over again I would just buy a plain tank like I wanted and add a 500-800 pump. the filter I made at home in an hour. shad will live a good while but some still die. perch a bream I have kept for the weekend with no problems. all of the advantages of the grayline and other tanks do extend how long the shad live but some of the tanks are priced to high. I like all the top of the line tanks but just couldnt afford to put that much in it. so I guess I'm saying have a tank that filters and aerates and how you get there is up to you. I have around $200 in my tank, I could have done it for less.

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    I don't know too much about the bait tanks, but

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