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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by FlatGetter, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    I primarely fish flatheads. But I've spent a good amount of time fishing channels last year. I fish a small river and the channels are not that big. The average size is about 19''. I have wondered that I am fishing with to big of a bait. (I fish with about 2"squared piece of cut shad.) But I have many times caught 20" channels on a 4" live bluegill. What size of baid do you fish with?
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    In my opinion you can never use to big I use 16 inch suckers 12- 14 inche trout if its swims im using it for bait bigger bait elimanates alot of the smaller fish but i have caught 5 pound channels on big trout.

  3. beeheck

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    I'm not 100% sold on the large bait equals a large fish, if it were that easy everyone would be fishing with huge bait and catching huge fish. I think presentation and location of the presentation will have more to do with catching large catfish. We fish the Big Sioux river here and we have found that by studying the structure (log jamb) and the flow of the river around that log jamb you can just kind of tell where a big old flathead will be lying. You have to remember most of the time these fish are territorial and you aren't going to find a bunch of big ones stacked up like you do the smaller ones. If we catch one large fish out of a log jamb we move on as it just isn't going to happen twice, usually. Try to envision where the current is going to drag your bait and then figure out if you were the big daddy flathead of that log jamb where would you set up shop and then fish that spot. In our case it seems like the inner edge of the log jamb, by the bank and the outer edge about 3/4's of the way across the jamb toward the middle of the river are the best spots. The center of the pile seems to hold the smaller fish and the trash fish. We have caught nice fish out of the center of the jamb but it just seems that right along the bank and that 3/4 mark are the hot spots and we will fight and argue to see who gets which of those two spots on each log jamb. As for bait our #1 choice is large chubs 5" to 7", we also try to catch a carp and will use strips of meat with skin attached about 3" wide and 5" long, liver (smaller fish but more bites), worms and shrimp in that order. The last thing I'll mention is fishing water that hasn't been fished for a while. If your fishing a stretch of river that was fished the day before and several large fish were taken out other large fish most likely haven't repopulated that area yet. Find a stretch of river that not everyone is fishing and your large fish ratio will go up fast. Good luck.
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    My experience on bait size has been mixed. I've caught big fish on small baits and small fish on big baits. I just usually try a big bait first and if i don't get any hits I'll try different sizes. Its seems like it just depends on the aggressiveness of the fish. So experimenting with bait sizes works for me.
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    I usually use big pieces of cut bait on 2/0 and 3/0 khale hooks, for channels and have caught many bullheads up to 13 inches on my rigs j
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    We usually catch channels with one single dew worm, and we have caught them in all sizes from 8" to 54"
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    a 20 lb channel will take a whole liver just as easily as a hungry bullhead or 2 lb channel will. my PB channel came from about 1/2 a chicken liver in 2 ft of water not more then 5 ft from the bank or so. i tend to cut mine to my hooks, and i tend to use either a size 4 long shank or a circle in the size of 2-4/0... the only reason people say bigger baits bigger fish is that once you get over a certain size the smaller fish may peck at it but they can't fit it in their mouths... like using a whole worm hooked once in the middle tends to get bullheads and bass rather then bluegill because the smallish bluegills know they can't get it in their mouths so they go for something that they can (most of the time).

    i would look around and see if there are other similar spots and try them as well. you may be fishing a spot that for one reason or another is holding fish but the larger fish aren't there and biting.
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    hello Flatgetter i may be wrong but i think about the size of a cats mouth , if he can bite it he will eat it .
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    I have always heard that big bait = big fish.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Regardless of what size bait ya use what is important is that the hook point is exposed real good, not buried in the bait.