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    Minden, Nebrask
    I'm new to the BOC and to the CNCA. And I'm fishing some new lakes this year because of my move to western NE. I'm looking for any info on baitshops around these lakes. Midway Run in Cozad, Merrit Resivour by Valetine, Medicine Creek (Harry Strunk) by Cambridge, and Calamus by Burwell. I had a friend tell me there were 3 stores by Calamus, but I really would like any info on the other lakes. Hot spots and the such. Thanks to all and hope to see you all this year on the water.
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    All of these places have bait shops close by, Cozad has one of the best just south of the overpass on the south side of town. Merritt has a great one at the main marina, Try leaches trolled along the cabbage on the Snake in the heat of the day or on Ceder Bay at night. If your near Cozad try the Tri County canal system around Gothenburg back to Cozad. Midways ok but Elwood is better try slip floats in deep water after it gets hot.