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Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by Scott Daw, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    This year Im going to concentrate on learning a new body of water and will have a canoe to fish from instead of shore fishing. Its a lake with a dam and several feeder streams/creeks and one end has alot of submerged timber. What Im interested is in how shad behave in a lake, where & when they come to spawn, habitat preferences. I grew up fishing greenlane reservoir where panfish (gills, white perch & crappie) were the primary forage for the channels and now fishing Lake nockamixon, I hear shad are the primary forage base. I need to understand the food to understand the hungry stomachs that follow.

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  2. s_man

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    south east ohio
    On the closest lake with a Dam I fish at we catch all our shad in the spillway that pours out the dam. They are there almost year round. Sometimes they are 6 to 8 inches other times they are 2 to 4 inches. But they love that whitewater. As for where you need to fish in the lake I can't say, I take my shad to the river 15 minutes away lol.

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    north carolina
    in the lakes i fish i find shad in the current behind the dams in the summer and fall. once winter rolls around i catch them in the feeder creeks until water temps get low and they move out to deepwater. then they get hard to come by.
  4. neocats

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    I usually find shad around boat ramps and docks pretty easily.
  5. Phatdaddy

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    i almost always get them at the spillways, a little slower in the colder months but can usually get enough for myself.
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    Dont know your prey, but assume its any "large" catfish. Alot of good advice so far.
    Problem I see is there is alot of water to cover. Is it possible in a day to cover it all with a paddle? You might start out small and learn each "micro habitat" in a given portion, then apply it to the "whole" to save some distance.

    Few things come to mind:

    Talk to everyone you can around the place at docks and otherwise with some pointed questions re shad observations known.

    Check the local biologists as they can give you excellent advice if you ask the right questions.

    Check the shelfs with 8-12ft depth that run a good length next to main channel-lake. Watch for bank to water vegetation (good).

    Try using spot light at night along shorelines,open water, and in bays might indicate where the spawn is happening (or past tense?).

    You have a "stealthy craft" so get a fish finder and either mount it on canoe or rig something so you can find the shad.

    If its legal then use throw net for bait and research to learn where the right habitats are at.

    Read the "lake Norman" research report online- PDF (and any other) which gives some good info on bait and blues.

    Hope to hear some good good fishing reports. If all goes well then you just might have a "front motor" on that canoe before you know it!:lol: