Bait problems in Illinois

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    Hello all, Im new the BOC and i was wondering if someone could help me out. This is a long story, but here goes. Im 26 years old and I have recently moved 63 miles away from the Mississippi river. Now with the new location came the problem of no bait. There are two rivers near by, ( North and South Fabious) but neither are big enough to hold a marina or even a Boat dock. I dont own a boat. I have been out many days looking in different spots for shad to be working the surface, and have thrown the cast net till my arms fell off, and every time the result is the same empty net and higher stress level. Anyways, the real question is where else would shad be? I dont wanna drive for 2 hours (round trip) to get bait. That is 2 hours lost fishing. Thanks for the help. ALL is needed.
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    1st of all... welcome to the BOC... the rivers you are fishing should have some small creeks coming into them.. now that the water is rising and its getting warmer, try casting your net in them... don't know the area there so i can't be specific..:crying:

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    I don't now were you are from but I live in Morton near Pekin and fish the Illinois River and get all the shad I want I now a couple places you can get bait from shore or I could get you some if you are near here let me now.
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    I take it you moved into Northern Missouri on the Fabius river up there. If you can't find a good supply of shad, you could try crawdads or bluegills as bait. Apparently in Missouri you can catch bluegill legally in any way that you can catch minnows (traps, seines, etc.) as long as they're under 5 inches long. Check the regs and ask around to make sure.

    Missouri Fishing Regulation Booklet