Bait Patterns on the James

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by gweber, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I'm new to catching bait on the James. I've been out with my cast net three times and have not scored a single shad. I've had a handful of small blue cats in the net and a couple of white perch, but no shad. BTW, the white perch rocks as a bait on the james I caught a 30# fish on the perch head.

    I normally put in at Deep Bottom, and it's normally after first light. Any ideas on how to find shad in this area or others? Should I be going out before the sun comes up to increase my odds?

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    Fredericksburg, VA
    pm me

    bait is one thing i refuse to talk about on an open board .. too many lurkers will pick up the tips and use them

    this is especially important during the winter .. you'll see just how little bait there is during the winter and having tons extra people getting it from your spots just makes the bait dwindle even more

    i don't care if you share bait tips with members in pm but i'm begging you not to post it .. too many people can see it