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    Hey guys I got this email mike is looks for help with bait and i dont go down that far to fish maybe one of you guys can help him out. i just giv him the link to the boc so he can get signed up. And i will post this to help as well here is what he needs.

    Mr. Hagan,
    My partner and I live near the Potomac by Hope Springs landing (Aquia Creek) and spend allot of time on the river. In order to fill in our winter fishing time we are trying our luck at catfishing down in our section of the river from Possum Point power plant down to Aquia Creek.

    We have been cast netting for some bait at the discharge at the power plant with little luck. A few 3" shiners after 1 ½ hours of casting. A few small bluegill near the bridge pilings at the entrance to Quantico Creek was a help, but only gave us a couple dozen baits.

    We are catching a few blues in the 10 lb range, but have not really had enough bait to really fish some of our areas hard.

    Do have any suggestion for catching some shad or other bait this time of year in our area?
    Mike Meier
    Stafford, VA
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    You might want to try buying some semi-fresh white perch or croaker from a grocery or seafood market. A couple folks have been doing well farther north on the river with store bought bait. I usually catch fresh bait myself, but am going to give fresh fish from a seafood market a try the next time out.

    I launch out of Leesylvania and have had trouble finding bait all fall. I have done OK with a cast net catching blue gill and crappie on pier pilings in the Occoquan. I haven't found a shad in months.

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    I concur with Mo. We have been using store bought croaker and white perch and have been having a pretty good result with the blue cats. I have some white perch that we will be using tomorrow, hope the luck continues to hold. You might even be able to find whole, ungutted fish at Giant. The freshness is not as good, but will still produce. We tried blue fish we bought from Giant and had decent success.
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    Get an 8ft heavily weighted cast net with the 1inch mess. You may need to add an extra rope section to it as well. I've been finding bait in 20-30ft of water lately with my regularly weighted 8ft net. I just bought the heavy version over Christmas while down in the Richmond area. Taken care of it is the best $60 dollars you can spend. I tore up my last one like it in Nov after owning it for 2 1/2 yrs. Fresh shad is the only way to go unless the blueback herring are available. This size is a little bit of work to throw but believe me it will save time and big bucks over time. Just my .02 cents worth. Hope it helps. Later for now---jonnycat