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Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by RiverKing, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. RiverKing

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    Is there any bait up in Arnolds Creek or any other tributaries close to Rising Sun area? Just want to fish it and need a place to cast net some shad
  2. SkiMax

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    Hey Matt. I havent been home since January. But there is always bait in Arnolds. If you can't find any in arnolds head down river to the next creek, Bryants. It is a little deeper and if you throw around the channel from the No Wake Buoy up to the sunken trailer you can get some nice shad, there is where we get alot of ours during the summer. I will be home and fishing this Thursday night. I'll let you know where we got them. Cya buddy!