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    Thought I would share a new bait combo. I used the new catfish nuggets from Berkely with a treble hook completely covering the hook and then smeared Hogwild all over it. The nugget really keeps the Hogwild on. Also, I have cured salmon,trout,steelhead roe in Borax. Anyone got any tips on how to make chicken livers a little tougher so it stays on the hook better? Big B
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    Big B,
    Get some garlic powder and some deionized salt. Lay a single layer of liver and poor the salt and garlic powder over the liver and flip and do it again to other side. Leave in a garage or somehwere warm but not in direct sun. ENJOY!

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    I use "rooster" livers and I'm trying to do something new to the livers to see what happens....The "herring brine" used on another site is what I'm trying...It consist of water(de-chlorinated), Mrs Stewart's concentrated liquid blueing, kosher salt, and non-fat dry milk....Options include adding any scent you want including garlic oil, anise oil, or other kinds of scents.....I'll let you know how it works...Made it up yesterday and gonna try it out this wkend.....Dwight