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    Left my dock a little after 6:30 AM and headed for my first white perch hole to catch some bait for my trip tomorrow. The perch were there, but they would not bite. Spent 1/2 hour or so messing with them and then left. Second hole had plenty, but I could only catch one every ten minutes or so. So, I decided to cirlce around them until they turned on. It did not take long and I got somewhere between 35 and 40 in a tad over a hour. To my surprise I had something nice to grab my jig and at first I though it was too big for my 8 pound test Stren, but the drag worked like it was suppose to and I got myself a nice 8+ pound flathead. Back at my dock a little after 8:30 AM with all the bait I needed, plus some more. Took photo of flathead at my dock and released same.