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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by squirrel, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. squirrel

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    hey guys i just purchared a cardiff 400a need a little help with the brake system the instruction talks about moving some little square things up or down please if you know anything, i just started casting a 1/2 oz weight with and can cast about 20 yards with some backlash

    thanks andy:cool2:
  2. BAM

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    Andy here are the instructions from shimano for adjusting the mechanical spool brake. Cast control knob is located under the handle. Try adjusting it so that when you disengage the reel the spool stops moving when the weight hits the ground. rod is at waist level, level with the ground. As you , your thumb and reel become one, cast control can be backed off for longer and easier cast.

    The cast control knob is used to add the proper amount of friction to the spool. Too much friction shortens the casting
    distance, too little leaves overrun and backlash unchecked. Turn the cast control knob clockwise to increase friction,
    counter-clockwise to decrease friction. The proper setting will vary with lure type and weight, and line weight.

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    Good luck and congrats on the new reel. It is always fun to learn how to use a new piece of equipment
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    Andy congrats on the new reel. Bam has given you good instructions. Follow them and you will be casting like a pro in no time.
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    Hi, I have just started lately using baitcasters, and have gotten to the point that I can get my tackle out with no back lash, or fouling,,,,sometimes, If I think I need to get somewhere particular or longer at this point, I revert back to my spinning gear. However, I REALLY like using the baitcasters, as I feel like I have a powerful winch on my rods when reeling in, and I really like the free line clicker,, good stuff.
    It also seems like the drags are somewhat better on the BC's.
    I have one with a line counter which I didn't think I'd need, but, have found a variety of uses for the counter since I have it.. drifting a bait out to a certain spot is a sure thing, and when re-spooling I know exactly how much I've put on, casting distance, etc,,
    My spinning reels are a Daiwa 7000, and a 9000, had them for years and have a lot of confidence in them. Have been using a Garcia 6500, Cabellas dmg20, and 45 baitcaster lately and enjoy all of them.