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  1. david.lay25

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    hey guys ,just inherited my grand dads old fishing reels ive got a bait caster from 1946 cleaned it up and re- lined it not lashing up to bad for someone thars never used one . but i was just looking for a few tips on using an older bait caster without all the bells and whistles. thanks for any help
  2. dennis boehm

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    olathe kan
    david , a 62 year old baitcaster/ I;d put it on the shelf. go to wal-mart anywhere, buy a cheap real, but put that old reel up it,s priceless

  3. hunted

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    yeah,put that up as an antique,unless you want to break your fingers.i am guessing that it has no anti-reverse,and if it doesn't,a bigger fish takes off with your bait,you have to stop it.i tried fishing for flatheads once with one,darn near pulled my pointing finger on my left hand off when i got it ccaught in the handle and bent it back.

    you would be better off saving money and buying you an abu garcia 6000 or something right arounf that syle.