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    When I fish for flats, I catch bream during the day for bait, and need a way of keeping them alive until night. Here is what I whipped up out of some leftover hardware cloth and plastic drawties. I probably could've designed the door to be more user-friendly, and if your not careful, it's easy to nick a finger on the sharp points of the hardware cloth. However, the price is right! Sometimes I'll return to the basket to find curious snapping turtles checking out the nervous bream inside. So far, no breaches (I'm not sure whether or not the racoons have given it a shot yet...) Here's how I made it:

    This basket was cobbled together from scraps left over from the bream trap plans in the library. If I remember correctly, the roll of hardware cloth was 48" in width. Begin by cutting two circles 24" in diameter ( 1/2 of the hardware cloth's width). Next, attach another piece of hardware cloth to one of the circles with draw-ties. If your circles are 24" in diameter, you'll need a piece of cloth 75"-76" in length ( circumference = Pi * Diameter ). After securing the bottom, place the second circle of cloth on the open top, and begin securing it with draw ties. At this point, the basket will become much more sturdy. All that's left now is to add a door to the basket. I put mine in the middle, because I didn't want to sacrifice strength, but feel free to experiment. In fact, a door in either the top or bottom of the basket would probably prove to be more user-friendly. In any case, just cut out a square to the desired specifications (my basket opening is roughly 8"X10"). From a scrap piece of cloth, cut a door that overlaps this opening by 1"-2". Attach the "hinge" side of the door to the basket with two drawties. Finally, add a couple of "latches". Each of my latches is made with a small slice of bicycle innertube and a 3" length of coathanger wire bent into the shape of a J-hook.

    Tie it off with a rope, throw it off the bank/boat/dock, fill with bream and chubs, and enjoy!

    Hope this helps!