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  1. bigredneck

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    North Carolina

    Didn't have much luck on blues last time up to buggs during the 1st week in June.. But I did run into several small Stripers..

    Got me hooked on this lake.. Headed back up on June 28th for an overnighter.

    I'm hoping to catch some shad during the day.. Planning on putting in at the state park by the bridges.. Maybe head up the lake.

    Where would be a good bet at running into some shad during the middle of the day ?

    Should we try to night fish under the bridges ? or move up into Bluestone ? Can't really get the boats up to far into the rivers... One of us will have a larger pontoon boat..


  2. screamin clicker

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    Burlington North Carolina
    From my many net throwing excursions on buggs, I`ve found that just after dark is best for catching shad, BIG ones anyway. I can`t tell how many times I`ve gotten skunked during the day, while throwing a net. If you get there mid day I cant help much, if its close to dark, throw right against the bridge pilings and you should catch plenty. Good luck. :cool2:

  3. Leftenant

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    You can catch bait during the day under the right conditions. Any of the shallow coves with glassy surfaces are a good place to try. The more still the water, the more likely you'll have some luck. Try the coves out of the wind and be watchful for underwater debris. Good luck and tight lines!!!!!!!!