Baghad Anglers Club (US TROOPS OVER SEAS)

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    Not sure where to post this please do not delete but move to the correct place if I am wrong

    REPosted with permission from RONDEF on Rage Tail message board


    As many of you know I am a huge supporter of our troops stationed overseas. I recently found out that they have set up a fishing club in two locations/bases for our troops to fish in their down time, they have lakes right on base. I am looking at getting two packages together, one for each location. I was planning on filling them with baits to use and some magazines to read. If anyone is interested they can either send baits to me or you can send them directly via the US Post Office if you want, they have a special package/box that they only charge $10 to ship and the box is free. I have listed my address below as well as the addresses of the club at two different bases in Iraq.

    This is going to give me a chance to go through some of the tackle I don't use much as well as stuff I am a little overstocked on and give it to our troops to use. I can't think of a better place for it to be used since these brave young men and women are placing their lives in harms way on a daily basis to protect us. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

    One more thing these guys fish with both spinning reels and fly reels.


    Here is a link to them where you can view some pictures of our troops with their catches. Fish Pictures.htm

    My Address:
    Send me a PM for it.

    Camp Taji has not received as much stuff as Camp Victory.

    Camp Taji, the address is:

    SSGTJim Cisco
    949th BSB Unit #610
    Camp Taji
    APO AE 09379

    Camp Victory, the address is:

    CW4 Scott Henry
    MNC-I C3 Air Unit 42001
    APO AE 09342
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    on ultimatebass we found a member of the baghdad elite and I sent him a PM IF we get a response I will be sure to forward everywhere what they needing/looking for

    here is the pm I sent him

    Rusty I just wanted to say TY for everything you and the rest of the service men/women do for us

    I found this on another forum and brought it here to UB

    We here and on other forums would like to get together and make/send care packages for yall to enjoy some fishing. Can you get together with friends/co fishermen and send me a list of things wanted/needed. Also if you let me know what really works I will post it on all my forums. There is no sense getting bass tackle if there are any bass right.??

    I hope this will work out well and you could be a go between for us here stateside and the service men over seas that are a part of the program!!



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    did find this list on their site

    The club is always in need of equipment, as gear wears our pretty quick in the harsh conditions of Baghdad. If you would like to contribute, you can send items to me. I do not release the mailing address of Soldiers in theater and consolidate and forward on all contributions. Send items to:

    BAC&SFF C/O Joel Stewart
    3461 Calavo Drive
    Spring Valley CA 91978

    The list of requested supplies and equipment stands as follows:

    Fly Fishing Equipment

    Fly Rods/Reels - The best rod to use where they are fishing is an 8 1/2 ft 7wt with a weight forward line.
    Lighter rods work well too.
    Tapered Leaders - 7 1/2 - 9 ft, tippets 0x-4x
    Leader Material Spools 0x-4x
    Olive Wooly Buggers Sizes 4-10 (with and without beadchain eyes)
    Black Wooly Buggers Sizes 4-10 (with and without beadchain eyes)
    Silver Marabou Minnows Sizes 4-10
    Dragon Fly Nymphs Sizes 6-10
    Fresh Water Shrimp Sizes 8-10
    Fly Boxes

    Spin Fishing Equipment

    Spinning rods/reels (medium action 8-12lb test line)
    Small Tackle Boxes
    1/2 to 1 oz sinkers
    Snelled bait hooks - Sizes 1-6
    Small Snap Swivels
    Leader material - 8-14lb test
    Small Spinners - (Mepps, Panther Martin, etc.)
    Small Silver Spoons - (1/4-3/8 oz) (Cast Master, Lil' Cleo, Thomas Lure)

    If you are just interested in sending something to the club any of the following go over well:
    The most requested and useful item is a prepaid phone card
    Fishing magazines
    Powdered drink mixes (Gatorade, Crystal Light, etc.) in individual pouches
    Packaged tuna in pouches,

    Again, contributions can be sent to me at:

    BAC & SFF C/O Joel Stewart
    3461 Calavo Drive
    Spring Valley CA 91978

    Thank you for helping out for those on the ground in a place far from home. Your support means a great deal.

    Fish on! Joel
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    I have email Joel also and am awaiting his response on anything else the troops might need.

    This started out as a flyfishing school but has grown into its own club where they fish for asp, carp, wels catfish and other species

    I hope we can as a group or as a individual help support our troops fishing over seas

    I have been posting this on all my forums with a great response so far!! I know there are links to other sites but it is not intented in any way other then to show facts ie a pm to a ACTUAL MEMBER that has his pics on the baghdad site!!!
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    Waco, Texas, Un
    I am at Victory right now, i will go talk to Cheif Henry (if i can find him) and see what they need in person and will forward post the info on here.
    I will also offer my free time to them to teach folks how to cast a baitcaster, catfish and carp advice (I am so glad that I love to carp fish for bait, gave me some experience for over here)
    I personally have not had the time to go fishing yet, i will try to go tom. if i can find the time.
    One thing I know that folks need here is treble hooks and decent line. It is impossible to find some good 10-20lb line. I had to get my wife to send some. Treble hooks is another thing, i keep trying to explain it to the folks where i "work" and i can get blank stares. I guess it doesnt translate very well. LOL, i just might be bad at describing a treble hook to the "terp" cuz when i tried to explain it to my wife (who loves to fish too) she sent trout sized treble hooks i think like size 12 or something.
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    shoot me a email and keep me informed!!!!

    also we got a reply on UB

    From Rusty J on UB

    Hey guys! I see my name is mentioned here, but I've been home for a couple of weeks now. Thanks for the offer on sending stuff to us. The unit that replaced us is from California and I really didn't get to know any of them very well before I headed this way. I really don't know of anything that they will need, but I do know of a couple of fisherman that could use some terminal tackle. Mostly 2" bobbers, small split shot weights (1/8 ounce or less) and some #2 catfish hooks. All there are to catch at Camp Taji is some carp. I bet some of the colorful bait balls would work too like the Berkley Tip Baits or Crappie Nibbles. They are a lot of fun, but not much to look at.

    They are:

    SSG Tien Do or SPC Richmond
    1536th Trans Co
    Camp Taji, Iraq
    APO AE 09378

    Yes, the APO for Taji is 09378, not 09379 as indicated above for the 949th. The 949 was one of our sister battalions and I don't know when they are leaving at this time.

    Thanks again for the thoughtfulness.


    so come on lets do something here for them

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    Wow - thanks for all that effort. The guys fish any way they can. Right now there are more spin fishermen than fly fishermen. It ebbs and flows, which is why I changed the name from the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing to the Baghdad Anglers Club and School of Fly Fishing.
    I am getting ready to update the donations page - right now they are short on fly lines and reels in 5, 6 and 7 wt. They can always use spinning rigs and small spoons/spinners plus bottom fishing gear and bobbers. Hope this helps and thanks again for all your support, it means a lot!!!

    Fish on! Joel

    LCDR Joel Stewart
    Founder Baghdad Anglers Club and School of Fly Fishing
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    i hope when i go over to the sandbox i get a chance to fish with these guys!