Badin Shores Resort

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    Tobaccoville NC
    I fished friday morning up river, caught 1 stiper 8lbs and several channels between 4-6 lbs,I took my wife and she enjoyed catching bigger fish than the crappie fishing she normally goes on. bait was hard to find but got enough in gar creek.
    That wasnt my pontoon mentioned in earlier post, I caught 0 blues again and yet to catch anything over 8 lbs. but the bite hasnt been bad.
    I spent rest of weekend getting my camper set up at BSR. almost done. sorta. my wife has long to-do list but one load of gravel and I'm thru for summer:lol: I'v heard a few names but was wondering how many at BOC have place there?
    I'm going fishing again this weekend looking forward to checking out rest of lake. I've mostly only been to t-town dam and back.
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    Kannapolis, NC
    Heck, right now that's the place to be man!