Badin Sept 27th

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    Well the flats are really rocking and rolling at BAdin. This morning I went back out and did pretty good. I caught 5 smaller ones from 5-10lbs. For bigger ones I got a 20lber,25lber,30lber, and a 35lber. I tell you that 35lb gave a real good fight. Hooked him ona downline. When i came back and set the hook he didn't move at all. For a short time I thought I really thought I hooked into a giant. All of those biggger flats this morning really were fighting good, like they were on drugs. Had alot of fun. Also tried for some bluecats but only caught some channels. The channel cats are up around old whitney area like you wouldn't believe. Using cutbait and live for the channels. All fish this morning came from herring again. I tried downloading the picture of the 35lber from this morning. Don't know if it took. I haven't been using my latern in the boat, so the lighting for pictures is bad. See-ya.
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    here you go tomahawk. i will try to post the picture you sent me. not very lighted but its a flathead. congrates on the catch.

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