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    Waht a nice day on the water, no wind blowing. I fould alot of fish and bait off of north point this morning. I put out and caught several channels, a7lb blue and a 15lb carp on cutbait, can you believe that. After awhile I went up river and anchored out by my usally spot. I caught several more channels then a big one hit. He put up a great fight. I thought he was about 40lbs til he got next to the boat and relized he was much bigger. I netted him and weighted him. He was at 54lbs. I tell you what a way to end this year. So the tally this year comes to 17 flats and blues from 45-75lbs. Not bad in anybodys book. Can't wait to see what next year brings, See-ya.
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    Good job brother! Nice to hear your still on em'.

    Zakk :)